Affordable Environmental Services

Make sure your property remains in safe condition with environmental services from MEA Inc in Bangor, Pennsylvania. The experts at our company have the industry knowledge and experience to assist you.
Geoprobe- Environmental Services

The Geoprobe®

MEA Inc owns a 66DT track-mounted Geoprobe as well as a 7822DT Geoprobe with augering and air rotary capabilities. These drill rigs are used to collect soil samples and to install wells for remediation or monitoring.
MEA Inc’s soil-collection tools and drill rigs are state-of-the-art and available at our convenience. This limits subcontractor involvement and streamlines project management while ensuring that all schedules can be met. Rates are available for full-day or half-day operations.

HydroVacuum Services for Utility Clearance

This unit is perfect for clearing locations for potential utilities. It uses a vacuum and high-pressure water wand (known as hydro-excavation) to safely uncover sensitive underground utilities and structures. This equipment is typically used prior to the advancement of soil borings,wells, and around petroleum distribution equipment.
The hydro-excavation concept works by injecting four streams of high-pressure water (2,000 psi) at the end of a wand. Similarly, a high-pressure air knife can be used. While the high-pressure water or air streams break and loosen soil, the high-powered vacuum removes the loosened material into either 55-gallon drums or the machine spoils tank. Material in the spoils tank can then be placed where needed using the hydraulic-powered dump body.
Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GPR instruments are powerful tools that have applications for many industries. A GPR unit has direct applications for infrastructure investigation, archaeological research, forensics, geophysics, mining, and utility reconnaissance. GPR has been a developing geophysical method for non-destructive investigation for more than 30 years.
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